Association Happenings to Celebrate! PART TWO

Written by Elizabeth Graham on February 28, 2019

In part one of this series, we celebrated the books that have been propelling and supporting our efforts towards the future for associations. This second part is a compilation of events and programs that represent a shift in the industry (yes, our own event might have made its way in here, but as a truly collaborative exploration of knowledge sharing it’s really the work of everyone!)

1) The National Credentialing Institute

They are the Future of Learning! NCI is developing a series of Micro-burst learning opportunities - it’s a phrase they coined to describe a new way of quick hit learning, hence the word “burst”.

We are all too busy for the traditional classroom or even virtual classroom setting of 2-3 hour courses. These Micro-burst learning webinars cover a specific module in under an hour each! Modules include diversity and inclusion, membership growth, retention and engagement, financial management, strategic planning, leadership, organizational structure, public policy and government affairs, event planning, and marketing and communications.

Explore this modern method of learning if you’re an emerging association, chamber and non-profit professional, a volunteer leader, or someone looking to brush up on new emerging trends.

2) Association Mentoring Network (AMN)

Founded by Cecilia Sepp, CAE

The Association Mentoring Network (AMN) is a volunteer-founded and run network of professionals working in and serving the 501c/association community. AMN provides connections for those seeking to mentor or be mentored, to share experience, knowledge, and wisdom in support of those dedicating their careers. There is no fee to participate; you just offer your time and knowledge. Mentors and Mentees create their own relationship and process after deciding they are a match, and there is no contract or other legal obligation; only the recommended co-created action plan! AMN believes in “paying it forward,” encouraging those who have been mentored to become a mentor. They promote the notion of Micro-Mentoring: everyone can act as a mentor, whether within a five minute conversation, or throughout a a five year process. Success is found in the sharing of knowledge with those who seek it. Learn more in this interview with Cecilia Sepp, CAE, Founder of Association Mentoring Network.

Join this network if you are aiming to grow or want to give back to the community!

3) The SURGE Virtual Conference


SURGE is a virtual conference with a vision: by joining together a global community of association professionals and prompting the right questions, we can collectively innovate and push our industry forward. We do this by presenting 12 sessions with multiple speakers over 3 days which play while a live attendee chat allows everyone to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate!

We foster the power in rallying around the shared purpose of bettering associations and hope our attendees walk away with the enthusiasm to innovate within their own associations, and the tangible resources to do so.

Register for this event if you want to have meaningful conversation in real time with association professionals across the world.