Book of the Month - February 2019

Written by Elizabeth Graham on February 4, 2019

Editor’s note: Every month, we interview a different author who has valuable insights that are relevant to professionals within the association industry. From widely varying perspectives and specializations, we hope to provide our dedicated audience with quality reading to continue fostering growth and inspiration!

Association 4.0: Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption by Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez

Are you interested in learning how some of the most competent executives in the association industry are managing culture, technology, growth and change?

Kevin Ordonez and Sherry Budziak have a combined 40 years of leadership and executive consulting experience. They realized they were at the center of an unprecedented moment in the association sector’s development and wanted to help others benefit from the 360-degree view of the industry that they experience as consultants.

Sherry announced “The warp speed of business is forcing us all to visit new galaxies whether we want to experience alien culture or not.” With the aim of understanding how organizations were managing the turmoil occurring around them, they interviewed 23 C-Suite executives. These were innovators and cultural shape-shifters who shared their experiences with disruption.

Some of the interviewed executives moved beyond the untenable situations they faced, while others embraced change even when it came at great professional risk. This book highlights skills what leaders can use to outpace change and tame chaos. Digital and cultural transformation are synergistic and by taking a holistic approach to introducing new technology, organizations spark innovation and entrepreneurship.

Readers will learn strategies for:

  • Turning uncertainty into advantage
  • Amazing members and customers with on-demand service
  • Harnessing trending ideas and technology for success
  • Using big data to deliver member satisfaction

The future is happening today. We no longer have the luxury of planning five to ten years out. Strategies for dealing with disruption are a process of bobbing and weaving, like a boxer who deliberately stays a bit off balance in order to anticipate the oncoming punch, dodge the blow and come back with an unexpected move. Although difficult to put into practice, there are considerable rewards to becoming accustomed to managing risk and change. An overarching theme is that successful organizations don’t view technology as a tool or tactic. By making IT integral to strategy, they move from doing business as usual to excellence. To any association professional, especially to those who are able to make significant operational, governance or policy decisions, the scenarios from these interviews can be a focal point for discussions among staff and boards and a vehicle for introducing new options and approaches.

Association 4.0: Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption presents a snapshot of the association world and its leaders at a pivotal time in the industry’s history. It’s a wake-up call for associations and a guide for navigating the future. Innovations that surface over the next five years are likely to have more impact than anything that has occurred in this sector in the previous fifteen, and though the association model has endured decades, longevity is a one-dimensional measure of success! We can’t be certain about what will happen tomorrow, but Association 4.0 can help us prepare.

Sherry and Kevin were inspired by changes that they saw in their consulting business, they’ve advised hundreds of organizations, helping them achieve strategic objectives by identifying opportunities for innovation and product development, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, and aligning IT resources. “When we were new entrepreneurs, you could fit the scope of technology into the same neat boxes that contained the hardware and software that made it run. We watched those containers explode as IT pulled everything into its orbit. Each electronic conversion was a burst of adrenaline that shocked systems into running smarter and faster.” says Sherry.

Their company, .orgSource, has consistently been on the leading edge of innovation and they’re now applying lessons they’ve learned to advise associations on “what is next” and help them develop a future-ready corporate strategy. The newest phase in their business development is .orgCompanies, the goal being to advance associations and their leaders through the development of solutions that lead to growth. Get your copy of Association 4.0: Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption now!