Introducing our Job Board!

Written by Lucie Robathan on June 21, 2018 lives entirely in the virtual world, and as such we have witnessed the relationships that can be built, the ideas that can be seeded, and the plans that can be scaffolded when the right people come together without any physical or geographical constraints. We are convinced of the distinct power of this unlimited online space, and want to extend its potential to you, so that as association employers and job seekers you can benefit from this evolving virtual network and the rich connections it offers.

We have therefore launched a job board, focused specifically on remote career opportunities. We have experienced first-hand the potential of a virtual network, and are committed to providing resources and support to associations as they navigate and adapt to the demands of Industry 4.0. Through this job board, employers will be able to look for the best talent across the industry without having to be constrained by physical location, while potential candidates can be sure that they are finding a job that best suits their practical and professional needs.

If you are on the hunt for a new opportunity, or you’re an employer who is seeking talent, you can head on over to our brand new board. As is characteristic of our efforts at, this job board is a project with an experimental edge. This experiment requires that the job board be as populated as possible with postings offering remote or work-from-home positions. As we launch it and gauge the possibilities, we are offering a promotion: for the first three weeks, until July 14th, all job postings will be free of charge.

We know that the industry is brimming with talent and creativity, and we’ve seen what can happen when this is effectively harnessed. This career platform has been designed for you to be able to do just that: focusing on job opportunities in order to direct the best talent to the best places.