Introducing: Our Newsletter Referral Program!

Written by Jonathan Caldwell on April 3, 2019

We believe that having your friends and colleagues join the community is the best way to build on the success we’ve experienced.

We are excited to announce a referral program with a variety of exciting prizes to showcase our gratitude for the help. In order to enter the raffle for the Apple Watch you need 5 referrals, but don’t stop there! Once you get to 5 referrals, every extra referral you get will be another ticket to enter into the raffle to win the Apple Watch. We will announce the winner of the Apple Watch raffle after our SURGE Cocreation Virtual Conference on May 1-3. All you have to do is forward any email newsletter to your contact list and ask them to subscribe. You can follow your progress at the bottom of our newsletter.

Take a look at our tiers and if you have any questions just let us know.

How many people do you think you can get?!

table referrals

If you are not currently a subscriber you can sign up here and start earning your own referrals! Newsletter Signup