Quiz: How Effectively is Your Organization Communicating?

Written by Arianna Rehak on March 17, 2016

This comes straight out of the book Awesomely Simple by John Spence. In each chapter he identifies critical areas (communicating properly, conceptualizing your vision, recruiting talent, etc.) and gives concrete advice on how to improve upon them. There is then a quiz at the end of every chapter pertaining to the items he lays out previously, which gives you a sense of how your organization is doing, and what could use some work.

This quiz will give you an idea of how your association is doing in terms of communication specifically. Rate each item from 1-10.

1. We have a high degree of open, honest communication throughout our entire organization ________

2. People in our organization talk in a straightforward and direct way, telling the truth with candor ________

3. People in our organization are courageous in their communications and not afraid to put even the most uncomfortable or awkward information out on the table for discussion ________

4. The communications environment in our organization is very safe; you can bring up any issue or discuss any topic without fear of reprisal or retribution ________

5. We have an intellectually rigorous communication style where people are encouraged to openly question and challenge ideas ________

6. Regardless of how much we might challenge or question ideas, our communications always remain completely respectful of the individual who brought the information to the table ________

7. There is a high degree of transparency throughout our entire organization ________

8. Critical business information is shared freely throughout the company ________

Scoring Key

A score of 9-10 indicates strength in your organization.
A score of 7-8 is a good score, but has room for improvement.
A score of 5-6 is an area of concern – this score needs to be brought up because if it heads in the other direction it could lead to serious issues.
A score of 3-4 is in the danger zone and requires attention and resources to get it moving up the scale quickly.
A score of 1-2 is an emergency and should be dealt with immediately.

How did your organization rate on the quiz above? If there is room for improvement, check out Chapter 3: Robust Communication.

John Spence has a lot of great advice for running a thriving business, which is why we brought him in for a chat. Click below to watch: