SURGE Co-Creation

Written by Arianna Rehak on March 28, 2019

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It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the full SURGE Co-Creation session and speaker line-up for our May 1st-3rd interactive virtual conference.

What is SURGE, you ask?

SURGE is a virtual conference that airs over three days. While the pre-recorded video sessions play, an attendee chat runs alongside, where both attendees and speakers are writing in.

The attendee chat is there for you to:

  • Ask speakers your burning questions.
  • Learn and network with fellow association professionals (from around the world!)
  • Work together to co-create a body of knowledge.

On that last point, will be going through the sessions and attendee chat and pulling out the biggest insights. These will make their way into eBooks made available to all, and these represent the culmination of the industry’s collective knowledge over the three days.

Talk to me about the theme.

The theme of the coming SURGE is co-creation, and that’s because it’s based on the basic premise that problems are best solved collaboratively.

The session topics were determined with our partners. This was done through a facilitated exercise to identify the biggest challenges and opportunities that the association industry is facing in the coming years. The end point was a series of questions, and this conference is about coming together as a global community to tackle them.

Every session you’ll watch took its roots in one of these questions.

How can I answer these questions?

Some will come directly to your inbox (once you’ve registered). Some can be answered in the event forum that is ongoing until May 1st (once you’ve registered). And some will be posted directly to you throughout the live conference (once you’ve registered.)

Check out the event here!