SURGE Optimism Line-up: Find out what’s in store!

Written by Arianna Rehak on September 24, 2018

It is with optimism surging through our veins* that we announce to you the launch and line-up of our next SURGE virtual conference. Running on November 7th-9th, this event is themed around Optimism for the Future.

The goal of our twelve sessions is to celebrate and make possible the potential of our associations. They have all been designed to make our optimism a rational one: to prepare us for what the future holds, to provide us with the skills and resources to face it, and to carve out practical pathways to take us there.

Why Optimism?

During the last SURGE event, some of you may remember that we surveyed the attendees about the organizational problems that keep them up at night. The answers we received were invaluable in highlighting the organizational, professional, and personal concerns that our community feel stand in the way of their success.

We want to confront these concerns by turning the problems into opportunities – by locating what we need to change, and by harnessing our potential to do so, the future we want is absolutely in our grasp.

We want to be proactive, rather than reactive, about creating the future our associations deserve.

How is this conference an optimistic one?

We are injecting optimism into the content and format of this SURGE in a number of ways:

1. Providing you with answers

The themes for all twelve sessions have been picked based on the issues you have raised to us that are preventing you from being your best. We’ll be tackling these issues, not just because there are problems that need solving, but because by doing so, we are enabling our associations to continue creating value and meaning to their communities.

2. New opportunities for co-creation

One thing we are optimistic about is attendee insights. In previous months, we have featured ideas from the attendee chat in the e-books we compile for each session. This time, we want to invite you to participate more actively to the e-book creation through a shared google doc in which you can answer more specific questions. Head to the ‘contribute’ tab to join our co-writing project, and add your voice to the conversation!

3. Celebrating pioneers

Until October 15th, the ‘vote’ tab will allow you to submit a video nomination for the SURGE Innovation Pioneer award, celebrating the initiative and creativity of the people making up the association industry. If you know somebody who is inspiring incredible change in their organization and beyond, we want to hear about them! After nominations close, you will then be able to vote on the finalists through this tab until November 1st. The winner will be announced at the start of Day Two of SURGE Optimism.

Head to the event page now to see the full line-up. As soon as you’ve registered, you can begin interacting through the event forum, and can position yourself through various mediums as part of the SURGE knowledge community.

(And as usual, up to 12 CAE credits are on offer for those in live attendance!)

*despite this being a pretty unforgivable piece of wordplay, it’s true!