Save the Date: SURGE is coming back!

Written by Arianna Rehak on January 19, 2018

Underpinning all our efforts at is a thesis: that the best, brightest, and boldest ideas come from minds meeting. Early November saw this thesis in action, with the unfolding of SURGE 2017, our free virtual summit, and our vanguard experiment in collaborative innovation.

SURGE 2017 was a three-day virtual event, during which attendees had exclusive access to pre-recorded sessions focused on cutting-edge solutions to our shared problems. The speakers were then available for a live Q and A, alongside a simultaneous chat between all the registrants, meaning that the conversation could be extended and enhanced in real time. Such was the wealth of ideas to blossom from these chats that they are being compiled into e-books, so that people can continue to learn from each other.

Connections were formed, conversations were sparked, and creativity began spilling over. The biggest takeaway from this experiment? We don’t need a radical overhaul to make a mark on the industry. Association professionals across the globe have the insights, strategies, and experience to incite meaningful change: we just need to assemble. The most exciting thing about SURGE 2017 was that as the community grew, so too did the scope for knowledge-sharing, so that the summit’s success was a direct result of the innovation and participation of everybody registered.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that SURGE Spring will be taking place in the new year. The discussion needs to continue, and we are very excited to be able to offer a platform for it. Of course, because this event is powered by community, we need your help!

There are many ways to contribute to SURGE SPRING, and to help create an event that speaks most to industry-wide challenges. Would you like to suggest potential session content? Is there a question you want answered, or a problem you want solving? You can tell us what you want to hear through our quiz (which you’ll find on the event page here)!

Would you like to be more directly involved in the summit? Whether as part of our volunteer team, speaking in a session, or partnering with us, the active involvement of our association community is the very heart of this project. You can pre-register your interest via the event page here.

Your suggestions and support are absolutely invaluable to us, and we are looking forward to springing into the next summit!