The Biggest Trends in Learning are Here

Written by Ellen MacAskill on January 3, 2018 thrives in experimentation mode. Our size, reputation and supportive community gives us the flexibility to take risks and try out new formats for our content.

That’s why we decided to try a particularly exciting experiment with SURGE, the interactive virtual summit we held from November 7-9th. The whole goal was to capitalize on collective knowledge, so we continually asked ourselves: how can we take the experience of a co-created, community-built conversation and turn it into a lasting educational resource?

We can put it in writing!

For each SURGE 2017 session - all twelve of them - we will release a free eBook. These will cover the content of the session, as well as going further by including attendee responses and extra resources. They will be a valuable resource for anyone who missed the event, and an informative supplementary material for anyone who did attend. Remember, you can also watch all the sessions in full here.

We started out by revisiting the sessions and picking out the most valuable takeaways that came up. After condensing and dividing an hour of discussion into key points, we turned to the transcript of the live attendee chat.

What did the rest of the community have to say? Whose thoughts could be fleshed out further? We reached out to a wide range of SURGE participants for help, and as usual, the community showed up with their wisdom. The process reminded us just how dynamic the association space can be when a wide range of voices are heard.

We’re proud to present the first release: Facing and Embracing the Future of Learning, featuring speakers Amanda Beckner, Jeff Cobb, Celisa Steele and Josh Goldman, and guest segments from Tracy Petrillo and Peter Wilkinson. Click here to learn more and download for free.

It covers such topics as microlearning, micro-credentialing, competency-based education, virtual reality and professional development. It will also provide a hyperlinked resource list for you to learn more, and input from our insightful attendees.

Stay tuned for each installment of the series as they become available. Share far and wide!