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hub and breeding ground for innovation in the association industry.


We house educational content from forward-thinking minds throughout the industry in a variety of ways: articles from thought leaders, co-created ebooks, and our uniquely collaborative virtual conferences being just a few examples. We also share the best content from other corners of the space, since ours is an industry brimming with ideas, and there is so much we can learn from each other.

A Breeding Ground

More than simply a platform, we aim to be the nucleus of the innovation process itself. We therefore work with the community to experiment with different ways of collecting and sharing knowledge.

What this Means

This incredible community is paramount to every step of our process. After an idea strikes, we first seek input from the communityIf we suspect we’re onto something, we turn the idea into tangible form, running an experiment to test its effectiveness. Next comes the iteration process, which involves plenty more community feedback. Once we’ve got a good handle on things, we turn it into a methodology, and finally teach other associations how they might apply the idea in their own context (you can read about how we developed a virtual conference using this approach.)

Why We Started This

For every organizational problem you’re trying to solve, there are hundreds of association professionals around the world who are working to solve that exact problem. Or better yet – they have already solved it. By finding new ways to share knowledge and communicate, we can significantly push the association industry forward, which in turn will have massive implications for the betterment of society at large.

What’s the Next Step?

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