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Nov. 6 – 8, 2019

Add to Calendar 11/06/2019 12:00 PM 11/08/2019 04:00 PM America/New_York SURGE Growth Join Us for our 3 Day Virtual Conference SURGE Growth and learn how to help your association achieve sustainable growth!

Why attend?







SURGE is a free virtual conference where association professionals assemble from all corners of the world for productive conversations around innovation and change. The sessions are the seeds of discussion! During each session, a chat runs simultaneously, allowing attendees to contribute thoughts and talk with each other, as well as with speakers. After each event, we pull out notable insights and turn them into eBooks we make available to the community.

Why is the event called SURGE Growth? We believe associations should thrive, not merely exist! The subject of sustainable growth is multi-faceted, and the industry can truly benefit from these conversations by carefully examining potential areas for expansion. SURGE Growth is about maximizing each of the major factors that influence sustainable development and doing so with the right professionals to maximize your takeaways and, ultimately, your associations’ progression.

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A Few Teaser Topics

icon money growth

Sustainable organizational growth

icon graphs

Maximize subscriber potential

Boost member retention

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Diversify revenue sources

Our speakers

The call for speakers closed Aug. 9th. Thank you to all of our applicants. Check back to see our announcement of session topics and speakers soon!



This event is hosted by We are a facilitator of great ideas, so this conference is truly a collection of ideas and insights from dozens of people. We are also delighted to partner with a number of member societies across the globe, representing voices from all corners of the industry.

This is a three-day event from 12-4 p.m. EST on Nov. 6-8. Each session is an hour long, and is pre-recorded. This allows the speakers to spend the entire session period in our chat tool to answer attendees’ questions. You can also communicate with other attendees through the same chat.

This conference exists in the virtual space, so it gives us the opportunity to bring together thousands of association professionals from around the world.

The sessions are pre-recorded so speakers can jump into the group chat to answer questions and provide additional explanation. (Note: Not all speakers are able to participate in the chat, though we encourage all of them to be a part of this online discussion.)

You can also ask questions and discuss the content with your fellow attendees.

This depends on the individual preferences of our speakers. For those who are willing to be contacted, they will provide their email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.

Absolutely! When you register, you can immediately start communicating with fellow attendees in our forum. Throughout the sessions, there will also be a chat running simultaneously.

We are proudly partnered with CE21.

The quality will be a little funky on Internet Explorer 8. Although we highly recommend Chrome for the smoothest user experience, here’s a link to download Edge, which is Microsoft’s move away from IE.

Yes, but only if you attend live! Once the event is over, we provide certificates of attendance to those who attended the sessions live. All certificates will be available in the SURGE platform after the event under the “CERTIFICATES” tab.

Email your question to [email protected]. If you’re asking, you’re not the only one, and you will help us make our Q&A complete!


Our call for speakers closed Aug. 9th. But keep an eye out for next time!

Initial planning call with other speakers: 60 minutes

Recording the session: 90 minutes

Debut of your session: 60 minutes

Every session has a designated discussion leader. This person coordinates the group and is the point person with the team. They are also the one to help guide the discussion during the recording.

Discussion leaders are expected to plan, facilitate, direct and manage their session:

  • Plan: Scheduling all meetings and sticking to deadlines pre-determined with
  • Facilitate: Running the preparatory meeting with the rest of your speakers
  • Direct: Guide the recorded discussion with questions, and push the conversation forward
  • Manage: Ensure all documents and required information is submitted to according on deadline

There are four speakers per session. You’ll notice that in each one, there is a “discussion leader” who drives the conversation, and each speaker tackles the topic at hand in fireside chat style.

While each session plays, the speakers are in the chat answering questions. This part is not mandatory to be a speaker, but we — and the attendees — are grateful for your contributions to making the event as interactive and informative as possible.

Meet Marycelis, the SURGE contact person. She lives in Canada. As she pushes through the cold and ever-gloomy days, the only thing that makes her smile is punctuality. Please help us make sure Marycelis keeps smiling.

Marycelis in the snow

SURGE session recordings take place from Sept. 3 and Sept. 13. It’s the responsibility of the discussion leaders to coordinate a time with their session panelists to record. Therefore, it’s important that speakers are available for at least one day that week. Pre-recording allows every speaker to participate in the live chat without distraction.