Friday, July 20th, 2018 from 1-2PM EST

Add to Calendar 07/20/2018 01:00 PM 07/20/2018 02:00 PM America/New_York Introduction to Virtual Conference Production The live learning event that will cover the basics of virtual conference production. As the pre-recorded instructional video plays, there will be a chat running simultaneously where attendees can interact with each other as well as with the instructors. Attendees will also receive an eBook that encapsulates the main takeaways from the course as well as gems from the attendee discussion. The recording will be available on-demand after July 20th free of charge for those in live attendance. This event is worth CAE credit. Association Success

Seats are limited. Register to guarantee your spot at this live learning event.


Join for a live learning event on July 20th from 1-2 PM EST that will teach the basics of producing a virtual conference. As the pre-recorded instructional video plays, there will be a chat running simultaneously, where attendees can weigh in with their comments and questions.

A few days after the event, attendees will receive an eBook with the key takeaways, so the lessons can be immediately applied. The eBook will include gems from the attendee discussion, including the most relevant Q&A interactions.

Seats to the live event are limited (we want to make sure you have your specific questions answered!) so we recommend registering immediately to secure your spot. Prior to kick-off, you will already find learning opportunities on the event page. Register now to access relevant resources, and to begin interacting with fellow attendees.


We are a CAE and a *CMP Approved Provider.


How it Works

Who is putting on this Premium Learning Event?

This event is being run by We are excited to be a breeding ground of innovation, and as such this event is an opportunity for us to solidify and share this methodology for knowledge-sharing.

What is the format of the event?

This event runs from 1-2pm EST on July 20th. The video tutorial is pre-recorded, allowing the instructors to spend the entire period in the attendee chat answering your burning questions. At the same time, you will be able to communicate with the other attendees through the same chat. You can contribute to any aspect of the discussion that is interesting to you!

What does the price of registration include?

With your ticket, you will gain access to an instructional video, along with a live Q&A with the instructors and attendees alike. A few days after the event, you will also receive an eBook compiling the key takeaways from this process, and resources that will support your own production efforts.

Why are you offering this live?

We’re airing the course live so that attendees can ask the instructors questions, and some of those answers will be included in the eBook that is made available after the fact. We also want attendees to meet and interact with each other for a social learning experience.

Can you break down these features further?

We thought you might ask that! The instructional video itself is an hour of pre-recorded educational content. Attendees and instructors will gather on the live chat which runs simultaneously to the tutorial, to develop the discussion and expand upon key issues. We will create an eBook from the content generated through this process: articles from the instructors pertaining to specific aspects of the tutorial; contributions from the attendee chat which took the conversation further; pertinent resources that were shared during the session; and more.

Where is this event located?

This learning event takes place entirely in the virtual space, to extend its offering to association professionals from around the world.

How do I access the event?

Once you register, you can launch the event page, and you can begin exploring. At the same time, you will be sent an email with the link to return. The event is the finale, but conversations and learning opportunities will occur in the platform leading up to it.

Are there any resources I should access before the event?

You will have access to any relevant and useful resources on the event page immediately – and given the collaborative nature of the process, this will be regularly updated with the contributions of fellow attendees.

How can I ask the instructors questions during the event?

The tutorial is pre-recorded so that the instructors can spend the time answering attendee questions. They will be typing away furiously to reply to as many questions as possible in the live chat!

Can I communicate with other participants?

Absolutely! When you register, you can immediately start communicating with fellow attendees on the event page. Throughout the tutorial, there will also be a chat running simultaneously.

Will there be opportunities to communicate with the instructors after the event?
Will I have access to the tutorial after the fact?

After the live launch on July 20th, you will have access to watch the tutorial at any point on demand!

Do I need any particular background or expertise?

We have designed this event to be highly collaborative, meaning that your particular questions and desired learning outcomes can be taken into account during the tutorial itself. You therefore do not need to do any specific preparation, nor to have any specific prior knowledge.

What if there are specific areas I need more information on?

You will have the opportunity to ask further questions during the chat. If you are still hungry for more after the fact, you can contact us – we are always happy to problem solve!

Are there any browsers that your platform does not support?

The quality will be a little funky on Internet Explorer 8. Although we highly recommend Chrome for the smoothest user experience on any website, here’s a handy link to download Edge, which is Microsoft’s move away from IE:

Can I gain CAE credit hours attending the event?

Yes, but only if you attend live!

My questions don’t appear in this FAQ. How can I find my answers?

Email your question to If you’re asking, you’re not the only one, and you will help us make our Q&A complete!

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