Author: Christopher Hunter

I have been working in the association space for ten years now, and have been an IT Manager since January 2017. I currently work at the Chartered Professional Accountants of Manitoba. My specialties are in,, web development and Aptify’s AMS. I have spent years doing trial and error programming to teach myself everything I know today. As an Anime junkie (Japanese animation), I watch way more than I should! I love discussing all things tech, the success of associations, and anything Aptify related.


Technology: The Communication Enabler

We talk a lot about collaboration these days. We all want to reap the benefits of what company cross-pollination has to offer. But, how can we build authentic collaboration within our workplace and beyond? How do we go from identifying uncommunicative, silo culture as a general problem, to tackling it within our organizational spaces? As a […]

By Christopher Hunter | Transform Culture

Confessions of a Former Miscommunicator

As I sat in my first business communication class in college, my instructor told us that the number one requested skill for developers is better communication. Ha! There was a group of us sitting together in the back row. We looked at each other, giggled, and continued playing Rockets ‘n Rails (a video game). We were […]

By Christopher Hunter | Transform Culture

Why You Should Stop Asking “Why”

Has your supervisor ever asked you, “why did you do it that way?” or “why do you want this posted on social media?” How did that make you feel? Did you instantly get defensive? Did you feel like you had to justify your reasoning? Now turn that around. Have you ever asked a fellow staff […]

By Christopher Hunter | Transform Culture